How To Embrace Failure And Succeed In Life

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We all have failed once or more in one area or another in our lives. How we deal with the many different kinds of failure and the valuable lessons we learn from all this, is very important. Embracing failure goes a great deal in enabling a person work towards their dreams. Albert Einstein once said, “If you have never failed, you have never tried something new.” Success does not happen overnight. It takes dedication, persistence and a willingness to fail. But failing without learning is simply failure. It is the lesson we learn from failing that pave the way for improvement in our lives. I’m by far not successful, (well…not yet) but these are some of the things I have read about success and failure.

Make Opportunities out of Problems

More often than not we bring our personal fears into our creative work or into our business. Our failures contribute greatly to our growth. We simply need to do away with does not work and improve on what does.

When I was researching on startups and reasons people should venture into business at a young age, one of the advice serial entrepreneurs give is the chance to be able to fail fast and cheaply. This way you realize what you need to do differently. To understand what your priorities are. To eliminate what does not work and grow what does. Realizing your problems and weak points in business will not only help you invest in the products and services that your customers want but will help you grow towards your financial goals. Recognize the problem failure exposes. Benefit from failure by simply listening to what it speaks of.

Failure Is Not Loss of Control

There are things in life you cannot control. Well, now that I think about it, we can’t control most things. That you leave to the ultimate supreme power, God! You can however control your actions. You can control yourself. Invoke calmness and go back to the drawing board. Start afresh if you have to. People fear failure because they find failing demeaning, shameful and embarrassing. Yet great men in history have failed in far greater things than the little things, small people find to be shameful. Take for instance Abraham Lincoln, eight times in eight elections he was beaten before he was finally elected president. Remember this when you feel failure is you losing control (I mean that in every situation, personal or business), whatever the situation, that too shall pass.

Grow stronger

Failure can not only make you grow stronger but also wiser. Failure teaches you, it helps you understand that failing is part of the journey. But it also makes you stronger. It helps you grow a thicker and more resistant skin. It makes it easier -not that it will be less painful- to deal with any rough and hard situations you come by along the way.

Kevin Kelly the co-founder of wired says that we can learn from experiments that do not work as much as we can learn from one that does. And that “all creative avenues yield the maximum when failures are embraced.” You need to have the ability to tolerate failure in order to keep up trying over and over despite the number of times you fails. However, remember that you need to learn from your failures. You can learn some great lessons that no one can teach you from failing.

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