You Don’t Have a Physical Location For Your Business? Start An Online Shop First!

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Social Media is an amazing platform when used for the right reasons. This can especially help grow your business. Take for instance you have services or products you can offer, let us see how you can market them on social media.

I believe anyone with passion and enthusiasm can certainly start something they can earn money from. There is no good excuse of lack of a physical location. That’s just a lame excuse for someone who is passionate about selling.

Take for instance the beauty industry. Where you are able to offer facial services, manicure and pedicure. With this kind, you do not even need a physical location before you establish your business and get to know your customers.

I have seen so many upcoming artists thrive on social media. All you need is to know how to package your goods and services.

  1. Understand that social media is a selling ground

 It works best if you can present visuals for your products. Take sample pictures of your work and accompany them with catchy captions. That will definitely go a long way in making your products known. Everyone wants to see beautiful and handsome faces, so this would be a good platform for such a business.

2. Explain what you do

Tell people about that business. Have a profile. Speak about your clothes, about your chicken, about your prowess in making people look glamorous. Whatever it is you do, make sure you have a good profile. Create one that explains clearly what you do. Let people read your profile and understand what you deal with. A good profile goes a long way in selling your products and services.

3. Create networks

This is important and it is certainly a good selling point. Take for instance on Facebook or Twitter, get to follow people who deal with similar products to yours. People who have made it and excelled people you can definitely learn from. Get to like and follow their posts. Comment where you can once in a while, and who knows? Just maybe, this person will see your interest and reach out to you and then you can mention them in your posts as well. You can always share a post they did and this will indeed create awareness.

4. Which social media platform works best for you?

There are so many platforms, but you need to rule out the ones that work for you. Most certainly for this, you have to understand your market. What is your target audience? And the social platform that you have picked, does it capture your audience? We have platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Skype, Pinterest and many more you could choose from. But make sure you choose the one that benefits you the most by ensuring you reach to your target audience.

5. Get Testimonials

That means when someone who is very new in your business sees another commenting on how good you are with regards to the products or services you offer, they gain an interest and want to try out your products or services. Testimonials are very important when it comes to marketing in social media.

6. Which one is pocket friendly to you?

If you want to have a YouTube channel for instance, it would be much more expensive compared to a Facebook page, but hey, if you can actually do both why not? That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

Get clients first before you even think of a physical location. Where you have clients already, even when you set up a physical location, they will come looking for you because they already know what you offer, compared to setting up a location first then you begin marketing and looking for clients. The former is a lot more effective so to speak.

So there you have it folks. Go and run social media and do not let it run you. It is an excellent marketing tool. And now that you know, go forth and do the necessary. Make the world understand that you exist.

All the best from right here!

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