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Kimani Patrick
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“You do not need a big name or own lots of money to start something” the words of Cynthia Nyongesa. She believes in these words and they form the basis of her motivation when she is telling stories of people of great personalities like C.E.Os, Ambassadors and media personalities.  Nyongesa is 21 years and is currently a Law student at the University of Nairobi. She runs the CYNTHIA UNTAMED BLOG.

It is a platform where she shares credible stories of high achievers with the aim of mentoring young people. She believes that these stories from the high achievers will motivate young people. This is because these are the people from whom majority of her peers draw motivation.

The fact that she has managed to interact with high profile personalities serves as an inspiration.  Unlike in places like TV shows where such influential people are interviewed by other big personalities. Cynthia aims at proving to her peers that these established personalities are reachable.

The law student has always found herself getting mentored in almost all her life especially in high school. This is what drove her to start this mentorship program that she runs as she realized not every young person had the opportunity to interact with mentors at their early stages of life. She serves as one confident young person who has the courage to approach people who might be far much ahead of her.

She has been blogging for seven months now and has gone through challenges from approaching people for interviews and getting no response to sharing a link to her blog and no one bothers to click or at least leave her a comment. This she gives as a lesson to us about persistence and holding on to what you really feel you should do.

She got the idea of starting Cynthia Untamed blog when she participated in the World Bank BloG4 Development Competition where she wrote about mentorship as way of creating opportunities for the youth. Out of the over eight hundred submissions made she managed position ten out.

At another event by World Bank, she met Keziah Muthembwa who was one of her interviewers at the competition. She made her realize her potential in networking and encouraged her to start with what she had to build something that would work as a brand for her.

Cynthia is a strong believer in a step by step kind of a journey and above all she believes God knows her more than anyone else. She speaks to the young people about how their spiritual strength can help them build a brand as it has worked for her. She uses the story of Moses in the Bible who was asked by God what he had at his hand and all he had was stuff. God then used this stuff as a fighting tool for the Israelites against the Egyptians when he instilled power into it so Moses used it to build a path across the sea. Here, she draws a point of starting with whatever we have at hand.

Cynthia advises that the youth identify what they are gifted in and work on it. That could be the brand God has made for you. However small it may seem, she advises you to just begin. Most importantly, she says let your happiness depend on you alone and not anyone around. As long as you feel great with whom you are and what you do, be happy for yourself.

She gives us a word of encouragement that, you do not have to pressure yourself when things do not work as you want or expect. She says that at times you have to try so many things so as to identify what you are gifted in and just take time. Just keep the focus.

Cynthia hopes to be an advocate of the High Court in ten years .She hopes to focus on her area of interest, media law and intellectual property rights as well as be a brand ambassador and work with organizations that promote the welfare of people like the UN and NGO’S like Plan International and be the person to bring out positive messages to people and she looks forward to have completed her masters by then.

She also speaks of the future of her blog as one day becoming a TV show and alternatively turning it into a book to be supplied to libraries for access by those that cannot reach her blog like the high school students.

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