What to Consider when Shopping For a Commercial Blender

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A blender sometimes called a liquidiser is a kitchen or laboratory appliance used to mix, puree, or emulsify food and other substances. A stationary blender consists of a blender jar with a rotating metal blade at the bottom, powered by an electric motor in the base.

Characteristics of a Good Blender

1. Durability and quality

Quality is an important factor in buying any product. No one wants to buy a low quality product. Blenders are made from top quality plastic materials to ensure they run without any problem.

2. Power and Wattage

Blenders have their respective power capacities and they are always noted in blender reviews. This normally depends on the amount of food they can process at a time. A good blender is the one that uses low wattage that means low energy use, thus leading to low electricity bill if you are concerned with your electricity bill.

The best blenders have enough gear to process your meals. Most of them have pulse button, which let you to control your unit in terms of blending food especially if you are after a certain consistency.

3. Easy to maintain

These machines are easy to clean; most of them are not self-cleaning. Use warm water and cleaning detergents to wash them. But never submerge the base of the blender in water since it is an electrical device.

4. Simplicity

Some blenders have automated and pre-programmed settings to save on time. That means you will not need to buy a machine that will take all your time trying to blend. Simple modified blenders are the best.

5. Overheating

Blenders are always simple in their modification. They are able to withhold rigors of heavy ingredients and the production process. They do not have powerful motors that will make them overheat.

6. Warranty

They have a longer warranty to ensure that you can go back to your electronic shop and have it checked within the time frame indicated on your receipt.


The best blender is the kind that is easy to maintain, does not overheat when used, simple in its make, does not consume a lot of electrity and more so it is durable.

With these features at the back of the mind, you can comfortably go to the market, purchase a blender and start your business. It is a lucrative business that many have not ventured into.


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