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Re-Branding is a huge part of the business especially in a competitive industry. You might need to re-brand your business or company for many reasons. Maybe you are stuck in the past and you need to bring your company’s outlook to the present or your customer base has changed and you need to your company and the customer base to match. Or you need to attract new business prospects. Whatever the reason, you will need a brand that people love and one that will demand attention and attract the masses not only to your products and services but also your vision enough to spend on it.  Here are some things to consider while re-branding.

What’s important to your Customers?

Carry out a research on the products and services you are offering and how your customers are responding. You can do this through your social media accounts, suggestion boxes where applicable, your company message boards, questionnaires and company websites. Gather information on what your customers are discussing. Find out what your customers are not happy with. Look for a pattern on what they are not happy with or what they are happy with. Change what you can and improve on your services and products. Make a brand around what your customers’ needs. However it needs to be a great solution that they are willing to buy.

You can also carry out a competitive research on your competitors. Find out what they are doing right or wrong. Take their best ideas and personalize them. Create a better and greater brand that will sell.

What’s your message?

You need to rebrand around your core message. This is your vision and mission. You can’t fill up your website and social media accounts with designs, colors and images that do not speak of your mission and vision. Work out the foundation of your business or company to enable you utilize your social networks. Messaging is an important factor in differentiating you and your competitors.

What is working and what is not?

Find out what has been working and keep it that way. For instance if your customers love your website and how it functions then there is no need to change that. Keep the elements of your company and brand that have been generating positive response overtime and re-brand only that isn’t working.

What do you want?

If you have figured out your core message then you have an idea of what you want your rebrand to be like. If you want it to serve the present and future needs you will need to create a brand that reflects where you see your company headed. Having a vision of where your company is growing to will be very helpful in recreating a brand.

What’s your slogan?

A slogan can give you an idea on how to design your brand. It can be the one your business or company already has or you might want to come up with a new one. The slogan will need to be bold but simple and reflective of your business activities. A slogan can enhance the force behind any “future business activities.”

You however need to put in mind that re-branding is costly. At the end of the day you may lose or gain more customers. And all these affect the bill. Do not change your brand so much that it is no longer recognizable to your customers and /or clients.

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