Choosing Quality Over Quantity In Your Business

Image by Adam Young Golf

In a market where we have various goods and services, consumers are often left confused to making a choice between quality and quantity. Quality goods and services are highly priced but they are probably long lasting and offer better services to the consumer unlike quantity goods which are less costly but come with short life span and probably offer less quality services to the consumer.

Quality goods have a certain level of excellence. I would love to take you through instances we choose quality over quantity in price. For instance, during school days there were those pens that cost Ksh 5 each .With Ksh 20 it meant that you could have 4 pens.

These pens had a very bold font and they would easily ‘boil’ unlike the sharp pointed ones that cost Ksh 20 each. They had a good font and were longer lasting. That means that one sharp pointed pen would serve you better because of its good quality. That is exactly how it is when we choose quantity over quality.

Still, in school days there were two main geometrical set types. I will call them by letters. The Type A and Type B. Type A was of high quality and cost around Ksh 150 it had very strong tools that would not easily break unlike its counterpart Type B which cost around Ksh 50-70 but its tools would easily break meaning it would not even last for a single term.

Many Kenyans are fond of buying second hand clothes ‘mutumba’ I am not against that, I also wear them. Though their prices are much lower their lifespan is quite minimal. That is why you keep going back to gikomba stalls to get some more. This is unlike the brand new clothes .They are expensive but they have great quality that would give you service for a very long time and you even look more presentable.

When smartphones were just beginning to get popular in our country, one of the earliest phones I remember was the Samsung Galaxy. It was a very small phone that was quite expensive. It cost around Ksh10,000 but it gave very good services.

Its screen could hardly break. It did not require a screen protector. It had good camera and it could not hang. It was fast. I mean, it was worth the price. Years later, many smartphones have landed the market some with good quality but most with compromised quality. They take pictures that make you look like an ICC witness. Their quality is very poor. The screens break with the first fall.

Another simple instance is the black and white photocopying which goes for Ksh 2 per page but coloured photocopying goes for Ksh 5 per page though their difference is as clear as day and night.

In my campus days, a friend would sell us phone accessories (memory cards, flash disks, back covers, screen protectors). Any time we wanted to buy something from him, he would clearly tell you that he has two types; one of high quality and the other of a lesser quality and of a lower price. He would leave it up to you to decide which between the two you would prefer. However those of lesser quality and price would rarely last long and you would get back to him again seeking same good.

I would give as many examples as possible but one thing will stand out as an entrepreneur, purpose to offer your clients quality over quantity. Quality will attract more clients especially in this world where it has been compromised. Clients no longer care about price. They care more about quality. There is also some inner pride that comes within when you offer your client quality products/services. Clients should also choose quality over quantity least you keep buying same thing time over time.

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