Benefits of Executing A Business Idea While in Campus


You are young and if you have responsibilities, they are limited. Campus is the right place to make mistakes, fail and learn from them and move on to your next big thing. Besides, you have no family to support, you don’t have to hold down a job that you don’t necessarily like because you have to. Some start their businesses either because of the need to fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitious or because of the competitive job market. Here are some of the reasons you should start your business in campus;

  1. Ready Market

There are ready potential customers living right next to you. Campus offers the best opportune environment to start a business. There are businesses that can pick up quite fast like promotion or freelancing. Students are a valuable market to test out your business idea. They will give instant feedback if they like your product or not. They offer the perfect place to test the viability of your business idea. If you can get the students and staff to pay for your product or service, then your idea is viable.

  1. Low Risk

Chances are, while you are in university or college, you have fewer responsibilities and you have more time compared to later in life or when you are having a full time job. If you have a business idea, the sooner you test it the better for you. This is not to say it’s easy, or that you should take your school work or the business casually. It is easier to know how it will turn out if you test it.

  1. Career building, invaluable experience

A business in campus is not just a way for you to make money; it is a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience. You gain something that other job seekers do not have. And as such, you have a head start in the job market. Starting your own business is something you cannot be taught and that is an added advantage to you. Companies are more likely to hire you than your competitors. The companies are likely to start selling themselves to you instead of you selling to them. Your potential employers are likely to be more about your business and what it offers. As a result you understand each other on a higher level because you both understand the technicalities of running a business.

  1. Ready Resources

The staff, especially if you have a business school, is likely to be more willing to offer any assistance you require. You will have a ready advisory board. Besides, what school doesn’t like their own succeed? From marketing, finance, accounting, legal to business premises you can get all this in a campus. The professors will not only offer their expertise but they will also likely offer valuable contacts in the business world. If that’s not enough, there is always the alumni network.

  1. Mentorship

People are always looking for the next big thing. And if you are that person, it is easier for you to get what you want. If you are hardworking, ambitious and innovative, that’s even better. Successful people are always willing to give advice to young entrepreneurs. From the alumni network, professors to the successful people in the industry, it is much easier to get mentorship and advice you need especially if you are a student.




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