Becky Muriu: I Help People to Live Healthy and Wealthy

This is a story of true transformation. One that brings a professional light and hope to a scarred industry from so many pyramid schemes that stems out now and then. People know Rebecca Muriu by her short name Becky. She has been through the entrepreneur rollercoaster for a while now and shares her journey with Inversk Magazine.

In the early beginnings she started off by doing casual jobs that helped her raise some capital to Venture into her first business in the Fashion Industry, selling Clothes and Jewelry. In the beginning things were looking up to a point she would travel to get her clothes from Dubai and Thailand.

The entrepreneurship journey has a life of ups and downs and Becky was not spared a share of down times when her business started struggling and suddenly went down. Her entrepreneurial journey shifted to South Sudan which she relates to have been a very hard place to do business. It didn’t take her long to decide to come back to Nairobi Kenya to do business. However it was still not doing well and she had accumulated loans which prompted her to join Network Marketing Business companies as a Distributor where she could get small profits.

New Kind of An Entrepreneur:

A point of pain, difficulty or desire for freedom can become our biggest inspiration for change.  This particular time in 2014, Becky had taken a loan from a shylock of Ksh 150,000 to restock her business which unfortunately was not picking. Having only managed to pay Ksh 30,000, she had 3 months in arrears attracting huge interests not forgetting she had given out a friend’s Logbook to secure this loan. It was bad, she was constantly worried that the car would be sold making the situation quite traumatizing. That’s the time she came across a friend by the name George Ruhara that introduced her to Aim Global, the company she works with as a distributor. Since it’s an International Licensed Distribution company, the friend had been invited by a person from Uganda. She took the opportunity and became the Second Person as A distributor in Kenya.

Inspiration to Action: Though she hadn’t decided to venture into this business full time, Becky was determined to be a Free Woman. She went for marketing trainings where great speakers and achievers inspired her to work hard to be in their level. She had also read books from Robert Kiyosaki and knew this is the business of 21st Century but was wondering how she could get into it. She was done wishing; with a shylock loan unable to pay, clothes hanging on her stall, she finally decided to convert her small exhibition at Diamond exhibition into a stall of her Health and Food Supplements Products.

Business Establishment: Any kind of business is never without its share of challenges. Even as a licensed distributor through registration with the Parent Distributor Company, there was no any physical supply point or office in Kenya. It was also not in Uganda, so the products were coming from Nigeria through Entebbe Uganda to Kenya through Busia boarder. She would get clients to order the products through advance payments and send to Nigeria for the products. Sometimes it would take two months for the products to arrive, other times they got lost at the border and she could go deep to her pocket again to buy the products and replace because the clients had trusted her with their money. This did not discourage her for she knew she was doing a noble course.

Becky went by this process through 2014, again 2015 until March 2016 when the Products arrived in Kenya where she easily accesses together with the Team she has built below her. It had been a journey that required a lot of sacrifice. Her house was closed for she initially used her rent to buy the products but within the first Month she had started settling her debts as she earned herself Ksh 67,000. The 4th month into this business became her turning point whereby she got an income of Ksh 178, 000 enabling her to settle her loan in cash to a point the lender forgave her all the interests.

Image: Becky Muriu, at her small stall when she started off her Healthy supplements Business

Qualities That Ensure Success In Entrepreneurship: – Persistence, Handwork, honesty, trustworthiness and trusting in God are Key.

Positive Mind: Maintaining a positive mind requires practice. One thing that helped Becky to maintain a positive mind were the feedbacks she got from people that were using  her products and those who has joined the business of distribution through her, giving them a passive income vehicle and flexibility especially for stay at home mums.

It motivated her to push more cases to other people and thus influencing a multitude positively. This means when she started this business she always associated herself with people who are positive minded, even among her family members, she would not involve anyone with a negative attitude in her business.

Go getter spirit:  Achieving life’s goals requires a go getter spirit, as much as one will not prevent obstacles from happening, this should not prevent one from achieving their goals.

Mentorship:  Mentorship is an important ingredient, Becky had mentors in her life and that’s why she has launched a program: Healthy & Wealthy Living where she is mentoring 30 individuals who have joined her business.  She does that through generating WhatsApp groups to market these products and one on one coaching for these 30 Individuals.

Becky has acquired Titles in the distribution industry as a Top earner, the 1st Global ambassador in Kenya as well as 1st Woman Global Ambassador in Kenya. Ranked 10th Women in Africa, No3 in East Africa and a member of the Millionaire Circle club. Professional Approved and qualified Trainer. In a period of 3 years, she became a Car achiever, have acquired properties and upgraded her resident from Eastland to Westland.

Image: Becky awards.

To have Becky Mentor You to start your own business through her Program Healthy and Wealthy reach her on Tel No: 0732944056 Email:

Lessons Becky Have Learnt Through the Journey:-

  1. 1. Be Positive: When you associate yourself with positive people there will always be a force to push you ahead in business.
  2. Work hard, and not just hard but also smart, that’s why she chose her current business model as it is a Leverage earning business.
  3. Persistence: Stick and focus on providing value to those who need it, follow a daily routine to drive business upwards.
  4. Honesty: Keep your word to your clients. This is a business where client gives you a lot of money, in case of mishandling, you could lose the client and the Distribution License too as a company will not stay with a Distributor who is not credible.

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs: Get a dream Board and give yourself 5 years.  Write your dreams on the dream board, hang it in your bedroom. Ask yourself, what you want to achieve in life, what car, what residence, what kind of family because success in family will translate to more success in other areas? Organize it in such a way: This is my current situation, this is how I want it to be, work it through and follow the system and you will not regret. Success will be inevitable!

Advice to Graduates / To Be Graduates: I encourage them to study hard, but I also advise them to be open minded because that job may be there or it may not be found and if it’s there, the salary they get may not be able to get them to their dreams easily. Let them know, how long they wish to take to achieve their dreams.

Network Marketing is a professional business, where you engage Medics who are looking for solutions, Professors so it cannot be a casual business but worked with the seriousness it deserves. A business that has helped change lifestyles, a business of leverage earning. Through it I have traveled to so many countries, among them US, Minneapolis, Nigeria, Kinshasa in Congo & Europe.

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