Beautifying Nails Can Make You A Whooping Ksh. 10,000 A Day, Find Out How

Nail art only became part of everyday self-care a few years ago. Up until then, most people were perfectly happy doing home manicures and only having a professional manicure for special gatherings or business functions.

With the advent of acrylic nail extensions and gel nails and tips, the professional manicure became more accessible and much more main-stream with technicians that can create amazing works of art on your finger and toe nails.

A lot has been said about small businesses, but this one… It is just the real deal. It is called nail-art street business. Mind you, this job market, when it began, it was taken flooded by ladies, calling it operation ladies for ladies- to enable ladies help other ladies look good. However, as of now, this business has been taken over by men as well, and they are doing quite a commendable job. In fact, most ladies prefer men working on them.

For starters, what you need to venture into this type of business is passion. Working with ladies being on the higher percentage is no joke. We always want a perfect job done on our nails. Perfection to us is key. Creativity and application are what makes you stand out in a nail art business.

Social media is a very effective tool when it comes to marketing your business. It is the cheapest and best way to expose your talent. Take pictures of your work and special promotions. Use Instagram and Facebook to showcase your different designs. You can also create your own website in order to publicize your basic information. Having a website gives you more credibility.

A good nail technician cleans, trims, colors and beautifies the nails of his/her client.

You need to have known your market before you begin this venture.  Meaning, you need to have done nails on a client in their house probably or at their place of work  and this will eventually help you out in marketing, so that when you set up your place, these clients can always refer customers to you.

Just like any other business, there are essentials here which you need to venture into this kind of business. Ask yourself what nail art is and begin from there. Simply put, this is giving a perfected look on clients’ nails, whether natural or artificial.

Some of the must-haves include:

Nail polish. This is basically what is applied on nails to give them color.  Color choice is very personal, and you may need hundreds of bottles of nail polish to satisfy your clients’ individual needs.  You will also need large quantities of base and top coat to keep the manicure looking its best. If you offer acrylic nails, you will require glue, nail tips and brushes.

Nail polish comes in different types. We have the base-coat, the one applied before the polish itself to give the polish a flawless look. There is also the top-coat, which is applied as the last polish to perfect the look on your nails. We also have the nail-polish itself, which comes in different colors according to a customer’s tastes and preferences.

Cleaning and sanitation equipment are also very essential to keep free from fungal infections that can be spread from client to client. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal soaps are a must have.

Restroom supplies such as toilet paper, soap and hand towels are required. Cotton balls and tissue are often used here. Nail art experts use it to clean the nails. Usually, the nail polish remover is poured on a piece of cotton wool and it helps scrap off unwanted color, leaving your fingers natural and clean.

Nail-polish remover is another essential element. This one helps get rid of any polish or color from your nails, to give you a fresh, natural look so that when your nails are finally done, there will be no traces of unwanted polish. It should however be non-acetate.

There is also a wide variety of embellishments, which come in different colored rhinestones, sparkles and decorations.

Acrylic gel nails, tips and extension are a must have because if a client is not satisfied with their fingers, usually they request these additional nails that make them look more glamorous.

A Nail-file machine and emery boards are basically used to shape the tips of your finger nails.

A tackle box will do for your storage purposes. It comes in handy because you are mobile and after a day’s work you need to carry all your working materials home.

Sitting area is necessary especially when working on a client’s toes or fingers. They need to be comfortable as you give them that look they want.

There are various benefits that come along with this type of venture and some of them include:

The irresistible promising profits, for every client you work on and apply the normal polish, without any decorations, that is Kshs. 100 for the hands alone. If you do that for both hands and toe nails, that is Kshs. 200 per client. And for instance in a day, you will not get less than 50 clients. That is a whooping Ksh. 10,000.

It is convenient enough because it is mobile. You can work from any location of your choice, to put yourself further ahead. If there is a wedding for instance, you can cater for the bride and her maids for the day and earn double the amount of that day.

This business allows you to work at flexible hours. You can offer evening and weekend appointments for people who are at work during the day or want to get their nails done when their partner is at home to look after the children. You can also offer an emergency repair service.

If you have studied beauty, then that is a plus for you. If not and you are interested, you can always learn from those who have already ventured in to this kind of business. It is very profitable. 

Ladies! How about we go on a journey of glamming up those nails? Sounds exciting, right? Well, I thought so. After all, who doesn’t want to look good and presentable, especially in the era that we are in? But we can as well turn that into business and earn money glamming others up, which is better. Now that, is food for thought!


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