Attract The Right Customers For Your Products

Brian Simiyu

Inversk Staff - Aspiring Entrepreneur, writes about social media and Marketing

Every businesses want to get customers, retain them and enhance the Customer Relationship Management. When customers are loyal to your brand, they might tell their friends and that might guarantee you an increase your sales. To do that, you must ensure you put down a number of aspects…

1. Know Your Target Market

In order to attract the right customer, you must first know your target market. Know how they behave when buying a particular product, do they like customized products, do they want Veblen goods? By knowing the market segmentation, you will know what you need to do to meet the need and wants of that market.

2. Maximize Your Publicity

Once you have known your target market, you need to maximize the brand publicity in that market segment. You can use Above-The-Line promotion eg; TV ads, using radio, popular websites or you can also exploit Below-The-Line promotion eg;  free coupons, sales promotions, loyalty  point. Doing this will enhance your brand awareness.

3. Improve Your Customer Experience

Customer care  services is one of the unique selling point of any business. The way you treat your customers will determine if they will be loyal to you or not. Train your employees on how to handle them. Always enquire from the clients on how you can improve your services.

4. Have A Welcome Packet

Always give a new client a welcoming packet like a free gift, or even a cup of tea. This will motivate them to continue shop at your firm.

Attracting the right client will guarantee you increase on your sales, brand loyalty and a profitable venture

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