Amazing Tips on Handling A Company Merger Professionally

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When two business entities merge to become one, a lot of things change.  It is basically like marriage which brings changes not only to the two parties involved, but also to those related to them such as family and friends.

The merger is usually referred to as an exciting development that will allow the organizations involved create more value for their stakeholders. But this is not always the case as the transition is not normally as smooth as expected.

If not carefully planned, it can lead to problems that would affect the parties involved and have dire consequences instead of adding value as intended. The management usually has a difficult time inducting the employees to this new change as not everyone is usually acceptable to change in the organization.

Staff members from the original companies are typically left with questions such as, who will go, and what will the structure of the new organization be? The issue then becomes that some of the talent and resources will often seem redundant in the new structure.

Few positions are really safe: After all, you only need so many accountants, administrative support personnel and executives to run a company! When faced with a merger, your challenge is to figure out your best means of survival. You can do one of two things. Either you find a way to stay, or graciously exit.

The best survival strategy is one that keeps both options open. That way, as the merger begins to take shape, you have some control over what happens. Whenever you can exercise control, you reduce your stress levels. This leaves you with sufficient emotional resources to manage your situation with confidence. You may need the following tips as an employee to survive through a merger no matter the outcome it may have on you:

  • Have an exit plan in case the merger may need to lay you off if the new structure makes your current position redundant. The merger might also come with job promotions therefore it is important to be alert. Revise your resume and keep your ear open for any other new opportunities in your field. This is because a merger may offer you new opportunities or even force you to terminate your services to the organization and seek employment elsewhere
  • Be open to building new relationships with the new employees that will join as a result of the merger. The new employees may come with a different organizational culture but it is important to be receptive as they will now become your colleagues. Being a team player is important in the achievement of the organization’s goals.
  • Showcase your value. Merging brings new changes therefore you have to prove to your employer that you are a valuable asset to the organization. This can be done by: being a trouble shooter, volunteering on merger-specific projects and maintaining your success log among others.
  • Be a change advocate. Do not stick to the status quo during this time of massive change. Instead have a positive attitude towards the incoming change as your attitude towards the change has a huge impact on your productivity at work. These changes may come in many forms such as relocation of the office, restructuring of the management, new employees, and change of the organizational culture among others. Therefore it is important to understand that a lot of things are bound to change and the earlier you accept them, the better for you.
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