Subtle Agribusiness Ideas With High Returns

Dirty hands are a sign of clean of clean thought. Forget about the nice suits every morning, the well brushed shoes every day it is mostly a fairy tale these days.

Every year thousands of graduates are given the mandate to go out there in the job market soar and conquer. Patrick Muthomi a graduate from Chuka University with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce Accounting option spent two years tarmacking in search of a job. He thought the fact that he had a CPA certificate up to section 4 would make it easy for him to get a job.

He ended up carrying a placard on the road begging for a job after endless job applications. What I do not understand is whether Mr. Muthomi knew about agribusiness which is quite profitable and lucrative in Kenya as we speak.

If you have tarmacked for long it is high time you consider agribusiness and make it big than you ever thought.

Currently most Kenyans are thinking about detoxifying their bodies, fruits and vegetables then began the most profitable options that you can venture into.

The business does not require a lot of capital for a start. You can either decide to hire a piece of land which goes for about Ksh.3,000-5,000 per season depending on the area and acres you are thinking of. The fertility of the area is also one of the major considerations to have in mind.

The price for fertilizers and pesticides has reduced thanks to the government intervention. You may also consider hiring workers depending on the size of the land.

Alternatively, the best cheaper option is to be the middleman or what we call the supplier. If you choose on this option which seems best for a start you need to learn about the varieties, their conditions for growth and that you will never go wrong.

Passion fruits farming unknown to many is one of the most profitable agribusiness one can venture in. As a supplier you are assured of a wide market due to projected rise in demand in the coming years. The consumers have slowly changed their preferences of soft drinks to natural as compared to the processed juices.

As if that is not enough reason, brands like Delmonte, Coca-Cola and Afya juices are sourcing for suppliers so as to process fresh juices for their consumers. Isn’t this to good? The demand for fresh processed soft drinks is virtually high.

This is the greener pasture that you have been looking for years now do not let it slide.

Another fruit that is highly demanded in the market is strawberry. ‘The darker the berry the sweeter the juice’. The fruit that is usually used as flavour for ice creams, perfumes, yoghurt and jams; is imported currently by many companies. Yet this fruit can grow anywhere provided is it is well taken care of by constant supply of water and the right temperatures. The chandler variety is known to be the best.

Another advantage is that once the fruit is planted because it is a runner one does not require to get other seedlings. This automatically means that the capital is very low.

As a farmer, you need to get the right seedlings from Kenya Agricultural Research Institute. Get the right information to avoid cases of food poisoning or low yields due to poor quality.

Large returns are only guaranteed if you personally plant the right seedlings. What you sow is what you reap.

As a supplier, you need to know that there will be costs such as transport. During the first year one is allowed to hire a pick up then gradually get their own means. You can even use a mkokoteni depending on the distance covered.

Strawberries are highly perishable; therefore storage facilities need to be put in place. Ensure that the area you are in is easily accessible to avoid losses because they get spoilt within three to five days after harvest.

Agribusiness has large returns if well invested and does not require very high capital for someone to start. Instead of holding a placard on the road early morning, go to the farm that early and catch your worm!


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