Inversk AdvertisingTM

The name of the Magazine is Inversk, for startup founders and entrepreneurs. When we publish the magazine, it’s for one reason; to help entrepreneurs learn how to start and build their businesses successfully.

Our digital platform ( is Africa’s premier multifaceted business platform covering business ideas, strategies, advice, news and the untold stories of local brands. With this, the platfrm has attracted a loyal, upscale, and unduplicated audience of highly determined and ambitious individuals in career, business and leadership. This offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable.

In today’s fast moving news environment we find it makes little sense to settle on what topic will be most interesting to the readers next week, let alone six months from now. This is why we do not have an advanced editorial calendar.

On the website, we have different sections and we find the best articles each day for those sections. Likewise in the magazine, we have different sections and we decide at the editorial meetings what are the most relevant story topics for those features and then we create them, often just a few weeks before the magazine goes to publish.

If you are looking for relevant editorial, may we suggest talking to our growth team about us tailoring an advertising feature that best suits your needs and budget.

We are commitment is to delivering the best services and products to meet the diverse need of our readers and advertisers and become the leading marketing force and vehicle of companies who want to capture the attention of highly ambitious and successful individuals.

If you would like to speak to one of our media sales representatives please call us on +254 7726 245915.

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