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In an economy where more than 7 million Small and Medium Enterprises compete for limited financial resources to achieve their objectives, a strong brand identity helps tell a firm’s story and differentiate it from the competition. It creates achievable expectations, gains attention, builds relationships, and consequently ensures the long term survival of the business.

But what does it take to create a truly formidable brand? You only need two things: a PR strategy and a professional partner to help you with your PR strategy. The PR strategy should give your firm personality and make customers feel your presence, while your professional partner should give you the confidence and expertise to turn your business goals into reality.

Unfortunately, most SMEs avoid hiring professional PR firms to help them formulate a good PR strategy because they are expensive. Many PR agencies also do not develop products specifically designed for SMEs. The assumption would be that SMEs do not really need a PR strategy because they serve a ‘small’ market. Although it is true that SMEs have a ‘small’ market, it is an understatement to say that such a market will not respond well to a PR strategy.

In fact, the situation is quite the opposite; because a firm that serves a specific niche understands its clientele and knows exactly what they need, it stands to benefit the most from a good PR strategy. Customers are habitual and love to stick to a brand that they are familiar with because it gives them comfort. However, information technology has shortened the lifespan of habitual behaviors by creating so many purchase options for customers. This means that SMEs need a good PR strategy to keep up with the changes and make sure their customers are satisfied with their brands. A company with an already established market will benefit the most from such a strategy because it will reassure its clientele of its existence and versatility.

The plain truth is that it does not matter whether your company is small or large, as long as you are in business you need a PR strategy to grow your firm. Developing this plan is the same as setting up your business goals and it should be included in the strategic planning process. Everything has to be documented and clear so that the employees know their roles when executing the PR strategy. Your PR strategy tells your story and lets customers know what you are all about. It also helps strengthen the relationship that your firm has with its clients. A good relationship helps you retain most of your customers and be in business for a long time.

So far, the importance of a PR strategy and the limited access of professional PR services by SMEs has been highlighted above. As it turns out, even though such a move is good for SMEs, the implementation costs are high. The market also lacks customized PR solutions. Luckily, Glass House PR has over the years worked with SMEs and in 2018 they have finally launched the solution for SMEs.

Glass House PR LTD has established a customized PR product to help businesses grow through strategic positioning that results to visibility and growth for SMEs. The product; PR 2.0; is a one year program for SMEs. The product covers five key areas: PR and Communication Strategy, Brand Development, Digital media, Media Relations Strategy, and Training.

Glass House PR not only gives you the best strategy to ensure your brand’s success, but also provides you with the best professional partner for your business. With more than half a decade of experience working some of the best brands in the market, Glass House PR will provide your team with the best PR knowledge at a sensible price.

To learn more about PR 2.0 Contact Glass House PR on email or on phone +254710541147

Article written by Stephen Wamaitha for Glass House PR

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