Success is the art of having achieved greatness, wealth, social class and commanding respect all over. To be successful you need to have some characteristics, posses some and ignore some. Success is judged by how best you can inspire and motivate someone and you can only do that if you choose to avoid some things.

  1. Bad Company.

Successful individuals identify and associate themselves with people who have the same ambitions and aspirations like them. Not all people you interact with mean well for you and your business, you need to draw the line and do away with individuals who add no value in your life and business. Bad company is always a liability and might be a stumbling block to you. Theirs is to move you closer to alcoholism, baseless parties and events. And this will lead you to a wrong direction as far as finance is concerned. The only way to make it is to do away with this type of individual.

  1. Unrealistic Targets.

Never give yourself a target that you cannot hit, Successful people always ignore unrealistic targets and focus on attainable ones. They have SMART goals, normally specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-driven kind of goals.  You need to ignore some unrealistic goals and focus on what you think is right and achievable for you.

  1. Mixing Friends with Business.

In business there are no best friends, only business partners. Thou shall not bring friendship into business or you will end up making decisions favoring your friends rather than your business, and therefore inviting failure in your business. Your business requires planning, critical decisions, revenues generated and sacrifices made. You can only do this with like-minded business partners who share your vision and not friends who are always encouraging you to go for weekend partying, drinking and road trips.

A healthy and successful individual always has a boundary where his/her business can’t come into contacts with friends.

  1. What others Say

If your business will succeed it is up to you, your passion, dream and vision. It is not about what others think about you. In your journey to success, there will be doubters, there will be people to discourage you, there will be those who want to bring you down, but how you stand is what will make you successful. Ignore what they say, stand for what you believe in and you will make. Listening to what they say might bring you down. You are the architect of your dreams and visions. Nobody deserves to tell you how you will achieve your own dreams unless it’s God.

  1. Giving Up

If there is something every person need to ignore is giving up, to give up is to surrender what you are doing. For you to be successful, you need to withstand every challenge, stand tall and overcome all possible failures. Highly successful people are relentless in their pursuit of a successful and productive life. They go to great lengths to achieve success and don’t stop there. They believe success is a choice, and they choose to focus their time and energy on the things that will lead them to that success. Everyone has dreams but not everyone possesses the power, knowledge and ability to make their dreams a reality. Giving up is never in their vocabulary. Theirs is achieving greatness.

  1. Selfishness

On your way to success, you need to do away with selfish behaviors. Always be ready and willing to help people. Share your secrets to success so that you can empower somebody and make them great too. Success is also defined by how much you give back. Give back to the society, help the less fortunate, bond with the upcoming business leaders and give them some tactics on how to make it. You only grow greater by giving. A selfish individual is a losing individual.

7. Bad habits

Successful guys never let any bad habits control them; they do away with habits which might include heavy drinking, poor financial management, drug abuse oversleeping etc. Because these kind of habits are destructive and a recipe for failure. Ignoring them is a first step towards living a successful life.


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