6 Tips To Leave A Lasting Legacy

Image Credit: White House

We all want to be remembered long after we are gone, to feel that we have contributed something in the world. For some it’s doing something extraordinary and achieving great accomplishments but for most of us what pushes us is the desire to live a legacy, to say yes I was once here, here is why my life mattered and this is what I left in memory of me.

Here are six tips to be leave a legacy behind:

1. Give to Charity: If you are highly blessed or you at least have something little to give then do it open heartedly most people have left a legacy by giving to charity an example being mother Teresa. Most people never forget a kind and charitable person.

2. Be A Great Friend: Make an effort to spend time with parents, children grandchildren and friends. Being a great friend will live a good and long lasting legacy as people will always remember you for the loving friend you were.

3. Take Life By The Horns: life by If you have passion for certain activities then get doing that one thing you love, life may get busy and time maybe limited but don’t let that stop you from doing what you love, It may be singing, dancing, writing anything that fascinates you. We all know of many musicians and authors who left a long lasting legacy.

4. Safeguard Your Memories: No matter how many memories you accumulate, your loved ones won’t be able to remember them all. Collect stories, photos, videos and among other things your own personality and values. Think about how you interact with people and how they respond. Once you know how you think about yourself and how others think of you then you can begin to get a better picture of who you are and what legacy you are creating.

5. Know What Matters: You can’t leave behind a legacy by accident until you know clearly what you want your legacy to be, its tough but not impossible.

6. Do Something Different: To live a long lasting legacy you have to think outside the box be creative and innovative. We know many legends and scientists who came up with new inventions.

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