6 Simple Steps To Register A Limited Company In Kenya

In order to register a limited company in Kenya, it only requires at least 1 person as director. It is a legal entity whose liability is limited by shares. Here are the step by step guide in which you can get your limited company registered using our services;
Phase 1. Company Name Search

You will need to come up with up-to 2 company name suggestions that will be used to perform the company name search to check its availability.

Duration: up-to 2 days (Subject to Huduma Centers/Company Registry Workload)

Phase 2: Memorandum & Other Documents

It will consists of Full names of directors, Occupation, Postal address, Shares allocation, Office location, Copy of ID, Passport Photo, Copy of KRA PIN Certificate among others.

Duration: up-to 2 working days (Subject to your requirements submitted to us on time)

Phase 3: Stamp Duty & Company Registry

We will help you process the stamp duty and submit your documents to Company Registry.

Duration: up-to 2 working days (Subject to Company Registry Workload)

Phase 4: Certificate of Incorporation

Company Registry will process and sign your Certificate of Incorporation upon approval. We will pick the documents on your behalf and deliver it to you.

Duration: up-to 5 working days (Subject to Company Registry Workload)

Phase 5: KRA PIN Registration

This is one of the most crucial documents that your company will require to open a bank account, make tax returns or when applying for government tenders. This service is only offered to our Premium Plan Customers Only.
Duration: up-to 5 working days (Subject to iTax & KRA data loading process)

Phase 6: Logo & Business Card Design

When starting a business, logo plays a crucial role in providing a visual expression. Our partner Tepken Design will help you create a unique logo that will help you communicate to customers in your industry.

Source: Mugo Wa Wairimu

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