6 Secrets To Crafting A Billion Dollar Tweet

A tweet is basically a posting made on twitter. One single tweet can make you or break you, because as we all know the Internet never forgets. Twitter has been in existence for years now, people have made it big and become successful just because of tweeting, unfortunately others are languishing in jails because of the same tweets, and thus never underestimate the power of a single tweet.

A perfect tweet is a tweet that when posted, attracts the attention of both the intended and the non-intended audience in a big way sparking some replies either positive or negative, be it a political, inspirational or a business oriented tweet. A single tweet might make a name for you; gain you the much needed followers, transform you into an influential personality on twitter making you an online marketer, digital publicist or even a blogger. Always keep in mind that a tweet’s value lies in its ability to reach as many people as possible, which means it has to be interesting and captivating enough to make your audience share it out with their friends and partners.

For your tweet to be perfect and get re tweets, likes and mentions, you have to observe the following when crafting it:

  1. Be Straight to the point

A perfect tweet should be straight forward and to the point, when crafting a tweet, ensure you put the main topic of your messages at the beginning of your tweet so as to capture the attention of the ‘tweeps’. Tweeting about an occurrence must be as brief as possible, and ensure that you give your audience factual information regarding what transpired as this brings trust in your tweets, giving you loyal followers.

  1. Use images if possible

Most tweets that use pictures and images are prone to get more re tweets and likes from the tweeting population, most social media users get more interested in posts that have been beefed up with images as this gives them a clear picture of what the tweet is talking about, if this is the case, then what are you waiting for? Craft that tweet upload the relevant image and post it as fast as possible.

  1. Use Simple English.

Almost 70% of tweets are done in English, Tweet in a good, understandable and simple English to ensure your message reaches a wider audience and doesn’t lose its meaning, you don’t need to use some complicated vocabularies because the world out there is interested in the message you are putting across not how good you are in English.

  1. Be creative when Crafting

A perfect tweet should be eye catching, captivating and interesting to read, try to bring out your message in a creative way, this attracts more people to your tweets, reduces boredom when reading your tweets and your creativity might also bring in some more followers.

  1. Use links when necessary

When doing a tweet about a certain article that you wrote on your blog, ensure you copy the link of that article in your tweet, this boosts your article’s visibility, give your audience a hint of what your tweet is all about and encourages them even to open up your blog and read the message you were trying to put across. This helps you grow your business as it reaches a bigger audience.

  1. Make use of current trends when crafting your tweet.

Hash tags and trending social media posts on current affairs are among the surest ways of boosting your visibility on twitter, make use of them. A single tweet perfectly crafted, touching on a trending topic and using the available hashtag can end up arousing a whole twitter fraternity, creating great interactions handing you hundreds of followers and thus marketing and establishing yourself as a twitter bigwig.


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