5 Profitable Businesses You Can Reap Big From Right After College


To most of us, college life is usually the best phase of life it comes with ample freedom. College is meant to be a stepping stone into the real life. Unfortunately many of us are too engaged with this life that we forget to ready ourselves for the life after campus. We forget that soon, we shall no longer receive the HELB. We ought to be ready to transition to life after college. So let us get our aerials raised as we venture into this.

What we are taught in school is vital. Often times there are business units no matter which course you are pursuing, in most colleges these are placed under the Entrepreneurship unit common to all students in campus.

As a graduate or if you are still in college, the transition is not as tough as most people perceive it. While in school, get to learn what is lacking in the market and what people are in need of and give them that. That is called identifying business gaps and converting them into profitable ventures.

For instance, there is a craze of everyone striving to keep healthy. Everyone wants to look fit and be in good shape. If you have a passion for cooking, you can always supply healthy foods to clients at their doorsteps.

Arrowroots (nduma) and sweet potatoes (ngwaci) are selling like hot cake. Try supplying them, ready and cooked to offices or homes. In one week’s time you will get multiple orders.

The profits are captivating. You get to buy 6 sweet potatoes at Ksh 100 and sell one at Ksh. 30 or 40. That means in six, you make Ksh. 240. A whooping Ksh. 140 in profits. How great is that? Good thing for this business you will need less than Ksh. 1000 starting capital.

Another amazing venture is the mitumba business. This one you can even do it right in college. I had friends who would do this and they would make good money. You go to gikomba, buy ladies’ clothes say dresses, tops, trousers, handbags and then you get to sell them. For instance you buy a top at Ksh.20 or 30, sell it at Ksh. 150 or Ksh 200.  The profits are unimaginable! Ksh. 170 in profit! How about a dress? You buy one at Ksh. 100 and sell it at Ksh. 300. This now gets really enticing! With your Ksh. 2000, you are definitely good to go.

Another ideal business would be pottery; this would demand passion for molding. All you need is a workshop, where you can mold soil, mix it with water, give it a shape, let it settle for some few days and then sell it out. How about you sell it to tourists or people who store ashes in pots? Do you see the fortune? You can even get market from abroad once you get a recommendation.

Another profitable venture is cereals selling business. Get to buy rice in bulk, beans or ndengu. You can start small and then grow to supplying to wholesalers. This business is good because these are commodities that are a must have for every household and they are not perishable. They also come with irresistible profits.

Are you good at public speaking and the forums that come with it? You can moderate events and get paid really well. The likes of Johnson Mwakazi get a livelihood through this. You also can be the next Mwakazi.

Just do not sit and complain that there are no jobs. Create the jobs, you have been in school and acquired knowledge. It is high time you used the knowledge to benefit yourself and the society at large.

I believe that there’s so much more God has impacted in us. We just need to get out of our comfort zones and acknowledge that we can be so much. Let us not limit ourselves. After all, everyone was created uniquely. Let us all absorb that uniqueness.

Arise young people, Arise Kenya and Africa at large! Let us change the world with the knowledge we have acquired. At times we may need a little push, and well, that is okay. But the greatest push and enemy is from within.

Coming from college, first of all you are educated. You know how to handle pressure, customers and finances. You are smart! You passed through school and attained knowledge. Now use it!

Graduates, I hope we all come out of the cacoon of ‘no employment’ and then live miserable lives just because someone does not think you are qualified enough. Start small and watch yourself grow.

If you think you have what it takes, Take up your mat and walk!

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