4 Key Steps To Building Your Startup

If you have a business idea, a plan is in order and you probably have come with the best way to get capital for your venture. The question is how you are going to grow your startup? How you are going to grow your brand and to have it remain consistent or to make sure it keeps growing.

1. Get the best team for your start up

In your most important administrative position, ensure you’ve the best people in market you can find. Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Programming, Social media personnel, Administration. Ensure these positions are held by intelligent, hardworking, focused and honest people with integrity. Network to identify the best candidates for the position. Apart from getting to know the candidates, you’re letting people to know you as a person and know your business and the brand you intend to establish. Through your network you can get personal referrals. Test the short listed candidates. How they work, communicate, their organizational skills, how responsive they are, test how they deal customers and how respond under pressure. Hire the best of the tried and tested team and grow together.

2. Match opportunities and needs

Research the market and understand the available opportunities. Then match these opportunities with the unmet needs of the potential target market. For you to realize your perfect opportunity you need to know the pain points of the customers. Whatever idea you have, instead of dismissing it, test it. In the end you learn from your mistakes, and if you have an idea that doesn’t yield results now, then it will later or another idea will.

And since there is always competition, watch out for the opportunities available. What they are offering and what needs they are not meeting in the market.

3. Define your brand

Learn all you can about your competitors’ brands. Learn their differences and the motivation behind their business and growth. Learn about the people behind the brand. Understand what makes them unique. Identify what you can offer that they can. Brand yourself as an entrepreneur as an honest and principled person. Your image affects your business brand greatly.

Personalize your business as a brand and come up with better and precise personality qualities for your brand. Once you do that, then you can create the perfect market strategy for your brand.

4. Learn and apply

Apply the lessons you’ve learnt from peers in the same industry. Analyze the information you have from market research and from the workings you’ve had with people and organizations you share interests with. Analyze the motivation behind their work. Question your people skills and ensure you’ve been shrewd and prudent about the people you’ve been associating with and the information you’ve been fed. Once you’ve analyzed all these, come up with a proper form of mechanism to initialize and apply the knowledge you have acquired to your own company. Ensure that you only take and apply what’s perfectly appropriate and beneficial to your business growth.

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