14 Must Have Business Tools For Improved Convenience

Productivity in any business is very vital. After all, you want to see at the end of the day that you did something and it was productive. Technology is one aspect that can increase productivity. While some think that banning technology can increase focus and productivity, truth is that the same technology can be used successfully to make most tasks simpler and faster.

There are a must have applications that every business should have. They include;

  1. Google drive

It is free of charge. This is where you get to store all your important files, documents and folders. When incorporated with Google photos, Google keep, docs, sheets and slides, these apps can cover virtually any need regarding file sharing, file storage, office apps, note taking apps and even photos storage.

2. Last pass

It stores your log in credentials for various sites. You later on use it to log in. With it you can up with more complex passwords, log in faster and you do not have to remember your password to every site you use.

3. Slack

This is another awesome business app. It is actually a business chat app. This app supports both text and voice chats. You can make a virtually unlimited number of channels. This way teams can easily break off and talk about their projects individually. It is powerful, easy to use and free as well.

4. QuickBooks

This accounting software helps you run your business and provides you with a full sense of your company’s financial health. You can use it to track your business sales and expenses, view financial statements, pay employees and vendors and track unpaid invoices.

It is convenient because it connects to a number of accounts- including your business bank accounts, credit cards and uploads data from these sources seamlessly. Good thing is that it is free to download with your QuickBooks online subscription.

5. Skype

Skype integrates with Microsoft office and allows you to hold online video meetings and calls with up to 250 people. This would be great if you have clients overseas or have high-end clients who cannot make it for every meeting personally, and rely on video calls and chats to keep the business moving.  The basic version of Skype is free. Skype for business starts at Ksh.514.50 per user every month.

 6. Omni focus

A time management app that shows users what is s due and when, reviews completed tasks and syncs between your phone and desktop. It works with iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple watch. The only challenge with this app is that it is on the pricey side. But like they say, nothing good comes easy. If you want to manage your time as a business person which is very crucial, then you should try out this app.

7. PayPal

A convenient app that helps you link your credit, debit and other bank accounts to pay pal account allowing you get paid and pay quickly and painlessly.

11. File maker

This is an ideal database solution for small businesses. It enables databases to get designed quickly and effortlessly.

12. Refresh

It is available for iOS and the Android version is launching soon. The app enables you to have an important meeting with a client- someone you know nothing about? Refresh crawls through publicly available information and gives you a snap shot with current details about new contacts of those you would like to make a favorable impression. You can even add notes to a profile to record important details that you will need for your next meeting.

13. Cloze

This is an amazing business app especially if your business has a social media presence. Cloze lets you manage multiple platforms- Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn and your email- all from a single app. The app lets you prioritize certain users and types of posts to filter what you see and save time.

14. Level money

This is available for both iOS and android. It gives you a snapshot of your account balances, helping you keep track of your spending and improve on your saving habits. You can establish a budget, and Level Money will track what you have spent and how much more you can spend for a given period of time.

All of the above apps are important in their own way. Their usage depends on the needs your business. All the best as you choose the apps that will take your business to the next level.

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