10 Reasons Why We Need More Entrepreneurs In Kenya

1963 was as historic in Kenya as the whole nation experienced the wind that was then blowing in the Africa. Supposing the year does not ring a bell to some of you. Well, this was when Kenya got its independence and so the whole nation was left under the management of Africans. Every decision they were to make was to impact their nation either positively or negatively. Kenya coming a long way over decades deserves the best in its economy and so investors and entrepreneurs had to be thrived here. The scholarship project initiated by the late Tom Mboya was to surface and those who had gone needed to come and become well established business people in Kenya. However not everyone came back but all in all they were needed in Kenya. The president of United States of America’s father was lucky to be a beneficiary of this project and the son repaid back by putting Kenya in the spot light. POTUS in Kenya not only made history but tagging along with many entrepreneurs was a plus to us. When the former president Mwai Kibaki ascended in power the economy increased to 7%. The economy was almost coming to its knees and he awoken it. This should hint to you why more entrepreneurs are needed in Kenya. We would not like it when history repeats itself.

1. To strength the economy

Kenya has been voted as one of the countries that the economy is growing at an alarming rate. Despite its down as corruption, poverty and high level on unemployment its economy is much appreciated in East Africa. More entrepreneurs in Kenya will mean more investments. More investment will make the economy thrive more. The much business transacted will be a boost to the economy and through this a country will achieve much in terms of eradicating poverty, unemployment and corruption. The shilling that had lost its value to the dollar will gain it back. Kenya is a growing economy and to reach its goals more entrepreneurs will need to emerge too push it forward.

2. Ready Market

The Kenya market is said to do more of import than export. The statistics by the World Bank in the 13th Kenya Economic Update held in Kenya saw that there is only 7% export and 67% import from china. This is quite absurd because we have the man power and the products. Kenya is rich in minerals and crops. Our floriculture does but we concentrate much in only tea and coffee. More entrepreneurs in Kenya will have to diversify and establish an expertise in the products in Kenya. Tea, coffee, cotton can be done in large scale more investors will even develop in Kenya. The market in Kenya is ready full of man power but we undermine is our products. We need to make sure we produce them in large scale and the outside market will also be ready to accept it.

3. To create more jobs

Kenya unemployment rate is wanting yet the population is made up of the youth. The youth in a country mean more man power. In return this is supposed to mean a stable economy is to be experienced. Entrepreneurs in Kenya will create more jobs making unemployment be a thing of the past. Curbing unemployment has been a hindrance to Kenya since time in memorial. The population keeps on doubling yearly nearing to 50 million now. All these people will need to support themselves with their families by working to bring something on the table. Only if more entrepreneurs will emerge is when more employment will be created. Anyone can be an entrepreneur it starts with you.

4. Investors

A country with economic stability will have more foreign and local investors. Investors will look at a place where there is opportunity, ready market and enough man power. This will make him learn that he can make a living from such a place and more entrepreneurs will have established these. Thereafter more investors will be encouraged to come in and without thread of doubt put an investment in this country. They will not only create job but also boost Kenya’s economy.

5. International and regional trade

Recently South Sudan had just been accepted to join the East African Community. This sent a myriad reaction in the region especially in people in South Sudan. This will mean more trade in the region. However others have complained saying that they will be robbed what belongs to them by investors. Entrepreneurs and investors are bound to work in both the regional and international level. This will build very strong relations in the region. More entrepreneurs will be required in Kenya In order enhance the regional and international trade.

6. Cut on loans from world Bank and IMF

It is said that every Kenyan awes World Bank closed to KSH 75,000. Kenya’s population is close to 50 million do the math and you will find how much Kenya awes to the World Bank in total. More entrepreneurs growing in Kenya will help the government cut on these loans and debts. Entrepreneurs especially in the banking sector will play a major role in this. A country indebted to another country is a slave to that country. More entrepreneurs will assist a country regain its stability in the economic sector.

7. Increased in population

The almost 50 million populations in Kenya are quite alarming especially when you look at its correspondence to individuals social well being. You will learn that entrepreneurs are in demand to put things right in Kenya. The population needs jobs to be created to sustain them. Failure to which, the country is bound to go back to square one where poverty was the order of the day for many Kenyans. The number of population starving might double failure to come up with safety measures.

8. Imports and exports

More entrepreneurs in Kenya will ensure that the products produced are of high quality. The competition in the market will increase. This will see many of them to do much export both regionally and internationally. This will boost Kenya tax system and its economy. Kenya’s economy is in the hands of the investors and entrepreneurs. When these two force lack the country heads nowhere. Whenever there is competition more market is created and sought at the same time. More exports will be done compared to more imports. Striking a balance in these two is ideal and the ludicrous figure of export and import seen in the china issue will subside.

9. Countries and worlds SDGs met

The World Bank and countries seem to have the same goals. This is the goals stipulated in the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals aim in eradicating poverty and fighting unemployment. The millennium goals also look forwards to this goals plus the recommendation 207. Kenya is with much to be proud if. However the lags as poverty, unemployment, corruption and illiteracy need to be done way with to make it thrive. The SDG’s, Millennium goals and Recommendation 207 can much be achieved when entrepreneurs will come forth and decide on making Kenya a better place. The Vision 2030 will only be achieved when investors, entrepreneurs and politician will together understand how this country really needs them.

10. Political, social and economic stability

A country can be stable if their political, social and economic status read a balance. The three will be boosted by both investors and entrepreneurs in the country. The goals will be achieved or being worked towards when a balance is stroke of the three. There will be no need for investors to be skeptical on investing in Kenya due to the forthcoming elections. The entrepreneurs will know that Kenya is a country endorsed with resources. If they keenly concentrate in Kenya jobs will be created, poverty eradicated, corruption thrashed and above all peace experienced. With all these do you think Kenya will be a greater place than it is now?




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